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 A Shocking Victory

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PostSubject: A Shocking Victory   Sat Jan 28, 2012 5:45 am

This is a challenge part inspired by Kandersson's thread over on base but with a slightly shorter timescale

The goal is too Win a competitive game with the San Marino national team.

There will be no time limit as it will take a good few years and you can load whatever leagues you want.
You can have 2 managers in game provided you dont buy any players from your other managed team. (This is a hint to play as club as well as country to improve youth standard).

I am saying this has very hard difficulty due to its longevity.

Screenshots needed at the start: Manager(s) profile
Screenshots needed at the end: Manager(s) history, Screenshot of fixture screen for each NT season, Screenshot of Match won and both teams starting lineups.

Additional screenshots are welcome and Im trusting you all not to cheat as that ruins the leaderboard for everyone includng the challenges for yourself.

Game On:


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A Shocking Victory
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