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 San Marino League

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PostSubject: San Marino League   Thu Jan 26, 2012 11:27 am

I have created 2 versions of the san marinese league structure, both including cups. Before i go any further i need to say a massive thank you to Kandersson of fm-base for helping me with the research for the file, if it wasn't for his help on this and inspiring me to take on the san marino challenge on fm base then i never would have started making the league, let alone have it as accurate as i could make it.

This is the first of my two builds of San Marinese Championship that I plan to release. This is the more basic of the 2 and is as true to real life as I could make it using the editor without going into the advanced rules. Unfortunately this has meant I’ve had to make a few differences to what actually goes on in real life with the most obvious ones being that in the league you can only play teams in your group. This would mean a short season if that remained at only twice and I decided that I would rather substitute the games against the other group with an extra game against your group to keep the number of matches close to reality (where there are 21 and 20 games respectively, in mine there’s 21 and 18). The other major change is the fact that the playoffs don’t use the double knockout system that’s used in real life. I decided that the best way around this problem was to make all games over 2 legs so you still get the same amount of games and you can still qualify if you lose a game.

i'm now going to start work on v2 which will include a new fantasy cup, more strict squad rules and more strict match day rules aswell as a couple of other changes aimed at aiding the development of young players in the national league.

link to V1: Shttp://www.mediafire.com/?u4r206cxpd7ajqn
link to V2: mediafire.com ?g92nijog7z74ag6

If anyone wants to make any challenges using either of these databases then feel free to, and if you want to redistribute my work anywehre please pm me first out of courtesy.
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PostSubject: Re: San Marino League   Fri Jan 27, 2012 7:54 am

Nice one Sammy, I will be sure to try it out. I like having the options of adding a few new leagues when I wish to do so. Smile
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San Marino League
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